ARG Abbott Realty Group Broker and President Jim Abbott explains why ARG listings will no longer be permitted on 3rd party syndicator sites such as trulia, zillow, and

The battle over online real estate listings is starting to heat up again. Jim Abbott, president of the Abbott Realty Group and a 20-year real estate veteran in San Diego, recently announced plans to pull listings from Trulia,, Zillow and other online real estate sites. In a YouTube video announcing the plan (posted below), Abbott offers some colorful and damning language about the practices of these companies. The remarks have once again sparked a debate on the role real estate agents play in 2012, and how listing services play a role.

“All listing syndicators have one thing in common: They act as middlemen and post our valuable listing data alongside the contact information of other agents and brokers who rent ad space on their sites,” Abbott said in the video. “Usually, they do this with(out) our permission, while claiming that exposure of our listings in any way on the Internet is a good thing. Time and results prove that it is absolutely not.”

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